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15 Weird Foods That Appeared in 2018


We live in the era of consumption and are spoiled with so many tastes and forms. However, the statistics show that more than 520,000,000 tons of food got lost or wasted by people all over the world this year. Quite often manufacturers try to surprise clients to attract their interest but sometimes products become so bizarre and weird that they risk losing the consumer.

More Shout found 15 pictures of bizarre foods that can bring new tastes into your life.

1. “This is ‘Beer Ramen’. It’s essentially chilled ramen served in a glass beer stein.”



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This ramen is served in one Japanese restaurant in Vancouver. This idea came to its creator once during an exceptionally hot summer. The dish is just ordinary ramen, but served chilled in a mug. It is non-alcoholic and there is no beer, but just an imitation of it. The froth is made with gelatin and egg whites.

2. Chips in unpredictable flavors


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© Bespoke Beijing / facebook

© Kai Reyes / facebook

Asia has the best choice of snacks with bizarre tastes like yogurt, cola, flowers, and even water. As odd as they may seem, it is hard to resist trying them. If you are searching for unpredictable flavors, Korean supermarkets are there for you.

3. Hot chili sauce with shrimp and fish


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This is probably a dish all by itself and might be very interesting for lovers of spicy food.

4. They call it green caviar or sea grapes. This product is getting popular and it has a very interesting taste.

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It’s called Caulerpa Lentillifera and it is a species of bryopsidale green algae from coastal regions and well-known in the Philippines and Vietnam. Normally they eat it raw with vinegar. The product is a highly nutritional seaweed and prevents heart attacks because of its high magnesium content.

5. Fish sausage with cheese flavor



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Probably, one of the weirdest snacks, but it’s worth a try. Korea is definitely one of the countries that can surprise you with unique tastes.

6. Experimental cuisine

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Pizza with flowers and blueberries? This dessert pizza doesn’t even look like it’s possible to eat, but more like a piece of art.


7. Canned bread


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There are too many questions about this food, but maybe it’s good for long camping trips. B&M’s brown bread is a ready-to-eat dish made from natural ingredients. You can eat it cold or warm it in the microwave. It’s good topped with butter, jam, or cream cheese. If you’d like to try it, you can order it online.

8. This ramen looks extraordinary and cosmic.

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In Tokyo you can find a restaurant that serves blue and green ramen. This ramen is low in fat and has a very light and delicate taste. They also add extremely juicy chicken slices, instead of traditional pork, an egg, and fresh greens. The color of the dish is made with the help of a natural pigment called Phycocyanin that’s extracted from spirulina algae.

9. Mint chocolate cake

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It’s fashionable nowadays to color food in inedible colors. You can find this cake in a cafe not far from London and people say that it’s delicious.

10. “Are you ready to get hammered…and sickled?”

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This was found in a candy store. The manufacturers definitely have a sense of humor. Leninade is a soda based on lemonade with the name being a mix of “Lenin” and “lemonade.” It has a light taste with a flavor of lemon, citrus, cherry, and grapefruit.

11. Fried gluten or vegetarian mock pork…


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Very interesting product with an unknown taste. It’s worth trying though, at least out of curiosity.

12. Sauces for dogs

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These sauces are supposed to be added to a dog’s food to make a taste more delicious.

13. Giant bread for large families

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This bread is a meter long, weighing 2-3 kg. Many people buy it just because it’s unique. They sell it in Vietnam and call this bread An Giang.

14. Edible flower pots! I just hope they don’t taste like soil.

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Another unusual cafe in Seoul serves this extraordinary food. This flower pot is a dessert called The Flower Bingsu and looks very cute and realistic. It’s made of soft shaved ice and condensed milk. The topping is made of red beans and pieces of rice cake.

15. Unusual ice cream in London

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When you see it, you’ll definitely want to try it. The black ice cream is made using charcoal. You can try many other flavors of ice cream and take some great Instagram photos in this popular cafe in London.

Which of these would you like to try? Leave a comment if you liked our article.

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